Sunday, March 17, 2013

Make Up By Toni Brushes

Hi everyone! I'm back for another review and this time I'm gonna share with you my thoughts and experience with my Make Up By Toni Flat Top Kabuki Brush and as well as the travel size tapered blending brush. 

I forgot where I first saw Make Up by Toni Brushes but I am just so happy that I found it. A lot of bloggers are saying that this brand is the perfect dupe for Sigma and I am dying to have my own Sigma Brush Set but since I am still a student and I don't have $$$ to buy my own Sigma brush set, I tried to research and look for an alternative. Gladly, I was able to find one.

Make Up by Toni offers a brush set with 12 different types of brushes that are great for beginners, however I don't have enough courage to spend that much for a bush set yet so I settled for the flat top kabuki brush since I know that this brush is such a good investment and I will be using it every single day. 

After few days of thinking whether I should buy it or not, I finally gave in and purchased my own Flat Top Kabuki brush from MUT. It costs me Php 500.00 or roughly around $ 13. I don't regret every single peso with this brush. 

I love how it comes in a very nice packaging. (Refer to this post) The grey and pink combination of the box type container looks really stylish.

What I love about the product:
  • Has very soft bristles. When I say very, I really mean it.
  • A perfect Sigma dupe. (Well, according to my research.) 
  • Bristles are very dense or compact.
  • The size of the handle is just perfect.
  • Doesn't shed or cast off.

What I don't like about the product:
  • Honesty, I had a bad experience about the handles. After few weeks of using it, the handle got separated from the brush itself. But it's not that bad, a few drops of liquid adhesive / rugby can do the trick. However, when I posted a picture of it on my Instagram. I tagged Ms. Toni and I let her know what happened to my brush. She was very sorry about what happened so she quickly asked for my details and she sent me a new one. I am not really expecting for that, just a simple sorry will do but she is just so nice to send me a new brush. After 2-3 days, I already received the package. She told me that I am the second one to experience the problem and she also told me that she will inform her manufacturer about the problem. But in spite of what happened, I am still happy with my brush. In fact the second brush that I got is perfect. I've been using it every single day but it is still in it's perfect condition until now. So technically, I can't think of anything that I don't like about the product.

L-R: New and Old Flat Top Kabuki Brush
 Both of them looks the same even though I've been using the second one for 2 months already. I'm currently using the new one.

This is the tapered blending bush that I got for free from Make Up By Toni. Every time you order a flat top kabuki brush, you also get a free travel size tapered blending brush. I super love this blending brush and I am really really happy that Ms Toni gave me this. I've been using it every single day for my eye shadows, for nose when contouring and even highlighting my face. 

Just like the Flat Top Kabuki brush, it has very soft bristles that picks up products very well. It is good for blending eye shadow along your crease as well as contouring your nose. I also use it to highlight my face and it really does a great job. It doesn't shed as well and it has the prefect size that I always prefer in brushes. 

U-B: Old, New
 I got these brushes for free and I am not sure how much it costs if you will but it separately or I am not even sure if you can but it separately. Lol

Anyway, if you have questions and suggestions about the brushes, you can always contact Ms. Toni. I swear, she is so nice and every approachable. She also responds to e-mails and messages quickly.


Have you tried Make Up By Toni brushes? Share your experience. :)
What is your favorite brush brand?


  1. Sucks that the handle came off, that's a big no no if you ask me, no matter how good the brush itself is. I personally really like MAC and Sigma for brushes, and Zoeva has great brushes as well. So does e.l.f.

  2. I've never experienced a brush coming off its handle, but I can imagine that would be really disappointing and alarming. But at least you received a very swift response and replacement! I love flat top kabuki style brushes for my foundation.