Friday, March 15, 2013

Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Silk Cake Powder

I am finally back after few weeks of being MIA. I've been using this powder for more than a week already and here is the full review of this product.
Clear Smooth BB Silk Poreless White SPF21 PA (Clear Smooth BB Silk, Smart Enough White SPF21 PA) newest innovation Powder Foundation. BB Silk Essence technology merged to cover all the pores from the inside. There are now 12 hours long, smooth skin is smooth like silk. With the value of Korean Mulberry radiant glow to skin up to the second level and gentle on the skin. A touch of powder to a thin film. And it does not clog pores. Pores, thus reducing the long-term.(

I am quite not sure when did this product came out but I just saw it recently. It reminds me of the BB 2 way cake that I saw in Thailand last year which comes in a pink plastic packaging.

Packaging: I love how it comes in a purple packaging. It is something new for me since I always see Maybelline products in pink, blue or green color. The cover or front part is mirror-like or something like aluminum which I am not that fond of because it gets scratchy and although it looks elegant and classy, once it gets scratched it won't look good anymore. But it doesn't bother me at all.

It also comes with a sponge applicator and I love how it is separated with the product itself. It has a bottom compartment which I find more hygienic rather than their other face products where in the sponge applicator is kept with the face powder all through out.

Staying Power: This is my only concern about this product because it doesn't stay that long even though it claims a 12-hour staying power. I use it in the morning and after 3 hours, I can already see some oiliness in my t-zone area. I have't tried using it with any primer yet but I hope it lasts longer, like 6 hours to 8 hours without retouching. I am in a shade of 04 or honey and I apply the product using a large powder brush.

  • It gives a silky and pore-less finish.
  • It has SPF 21 PA+++
  • Blends well with my skin.
  • Not cake-y at all.
  • It has a light to medium coverage.
  • It does not oxidize / turns a shade darker after applying.
  • No funky or unwanted smell.
  • In expensive for a price of Php 329.00 or roughly around $8.

  • The only problem that I encountered is the staying power which I believe is caused by the heat around the Metro. However, I believe that if it will be used in the office, inside the mall or anywhere with air condition or less exposure to the sun, it will stay long enough.
I hope it comes with more shades since some of the shades are too light for Filipina skin.

Over all, I am giving this product 4/5. Even though I have concerns with the staying power, it is still good for everyday. It is very compact and fits in any kikay or make up kits. :)

This is the swatch of the product. As you can see it is not that visible since it blends well on my skin. (Taken with natural light)

My hand looks like it has no powder at all. It blends well and looks invisible. I am in a shade of Honey or 04. 


  1. Wow, that does blend very well. I am also loving the fact it has SPF 21. A plus for me :)


  2. I recommend using a liquid foundation or bb cream underneath this so the powder has something to cling onto and not just your bare skin, hence it doesn't last as long. A primer can work, but not as well, I think. Even just a very sheer bb cream or foundation should do. Then you can use the sponge to apply this (pat it around your face), then blend out the powder with a brush. After, use a setting spray. This made the powder last longer for me! :)

    I love this for days where I don't want my makeup too heavy. I use a sheer-medium bb cream and then the powder on top. I never use a full coverage or heavy bb cream or else it'll look too thick and cakey.


  3. just bought this.. and im lovin blends really well with my skin ^^

  4. did you try za foundation powder? wish to know which better