Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Review: Celeteque Dermo Science + Acne Solutions Oil Control Toner

I always use Pond's product before but then I got curious about Celeteque so I switched to it from facial wash, moisturizer up to the toner. 

I thought I am just really having break outs because of continuous lack of sleep and stressful school work but then when I switched to this product, I noticed that my pimples and other skin impurities became less visible until the time came that my face was already flawless. 

I've been using this product since last year and this is my 5th bottle already. I am very satisfied with this product that I didn't even think of trying out other products nor going back to Pond's Toner.

I love the fact that it kas Aloe Vera and Chamomile extracts. Aloe Vera is known for its nutritional qualities and antioxidant properties. It also heals acne and fights aging. The Chamomile extract is known as an anti-confirmatory, anti-bacterial an anti-allergenic.

Sometimes it stings when I apply it near my eye area but I believe that is normal because it has ethyl alcohol. But when I apply it to my cheeks, forehead and other parts of my face, it just feels so refreshing and cool.

Since I used this product I noticed that my face wasn't that oily anymore, specially my t-zone area. I still notice some oiliness however only after long hours outside, when I am inside the house, malls or offices, my face doesn't oil up that much.

I am really amazed in the product. I can't pink point any cons. It is also very affordable for only Php 119.00 or roughly around $3 and available in drugstores nationwide.

The packaging is not a problem as well, even though it looks so medicine related. (What's the term for that? Lol) I mean there are times that I always look for a classy or cute packaging.

So far, I am really impressed with this product.

What is your current toner? 
Have you tried using Celeteque Toner before?


  1. Sounds good, especially because it seems to reduce oil so well!

  2. Are you using other products of celeteque acne solutions line too? I mean, are you using the facial cleanser, and moisturizer from celeteque acne solutions while using that facial toner?

    1. Yes, I also use their facial wash and moisturizer. Their product didn't give me any breakouts so I've been using it for a year already.

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  5. I think the term you're looking for is "clinical".
    I'm just starting to use this, and I love that it makes my skin feel fresh and clean while not drying it out. I have dry spots on and near my nose and this doesn't aggravate them at all! Will be repurchasing!

  6. hi i've been using this for 2 weeks already with the facial wash, toner and acne corrector gel.. i'm having breakouts and those spot on my cheeks that normally has no pimple is now full of acne.. :(
    please help i'm almost half finish with the bottle of toner and facial wash..shall i continue or is this a normal reaction? pls advise..thank u!

    1. Hi Ms. Aulinnie,
      I’m using Celeteque too and I had breakouts after a week, but it’s just mild.
      ~Pauline @Kallony

    2. Maybe you need to shift to other product. Me too, I was using this for 2 wks and still my pimples are not drying out. :( so I'm planning to use Belo products.

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